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ARIADNE Product Family


Network Inventory, Capacity Management and Planning solution with excellent functionality, modularity and unique user interface for Mobile and Business Communication Operators.

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The ARIADNE Product Family members cover the different needs and preferences of network operators in the field of network management, like physical and/or logical network management, mobile hierarchy and/or transmission network management.


Network Management Systems of various vendors can only provide a view on their own equipment and the connections between them. Using a set of disjunct management systems results in inconsistent inventory, incoherent capacity management, uncoordinated network planning. The common idea behind each member of ARIADNE Product Family is to provide end-to-end view of the services through all equipment from various vendors, and enable operators to manage their complete network in one integrated inventory and planning system. Via the Capacity management functions, the operators can efficiently utilise every single resource of the network.


The ARIADNE Product Family members guarantee a consistent and up-to-date network inventory by providing interfacing capabilities with numerous network- and element management systems. The GIS supported network representation allows an all-in view on the network-intersections and site-connections at first sight. The on-the-fly generated engineering drawings provide a complete view on the network elements together with their connections and support network planning and reconfiguring tasks.