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NetChart geolocation module implements proprietary advanced geolocation algorithm that estimates location of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous calls extracted from RNC traces. True coverage patterns and precise locations of call events let engineers to diagnose and resolve network performance problems in much shorter time. To large extent, geolocation module reduces need for extensive drive test campaigns.

The geolocation module provides additional functionalities needed for efficient network optimization, such as. Coverage and usage maps based on RSCP, EcNo, data volumes or call density, interference and pilot pollution maps, event maps based on dropped calls, failed handovers, etc.

Net Geo 1

Net Geo 2

Geolocation module includes automated algorithms to detect overshooting cells and misaligned or swapped sectors. Antenna tilt changes on overshooting sectors can be easily verified as geolocation based sector footprints from period before and after tilt change can be compared.

Net Geo 3


Phone Profiling module enables extensive analysis of multiple performance aspects in relation to device manufacturer, model and software version based on millions of calls extracted from RNC traces. Voice or packet call usage, traffic volumes, roamers, top 50 devices in any category, analysis of RRC and NAS messages, dropped and blocked calls analysis – all per device type or category – is now possible with phone profiling.

Net Geo 4


In connection with geolocation module usage or event density maps per device type or device category can be visualized. This NetChart capability may support intelligent rollout of small cells based on precise traffic usage maps.

Net Geo 5